I have several portfolio catagories. I would like to be able to display characteristics for each cataegory, for example my category IRA I have six different portfolios. In addition to the current statistics for each portfolio such Tot Ret, Bench, Active, Annual, DDown, Value (k), 1 day and 1 WK. It would be nice to display statistics for the entire category such as Ave Tot Ret, Ave Bench ( or an individual Bench ), Ave Active (relative to bench chosen), Ave Anuual, Ave DDDown, Total Value (k), Ave 1 Day and Ave 1 WK. Notice for value the total would be more siginifcant than the average.

This coul be done for each category or one could check the portfolios to be averaged together.
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Requested by: charley
On date: 07/18/05
Category: Portfolio