This is more an idea to be discussed than a final requests:

Totally transparent ports. These would be like what Marc has done. The rules would be visible to everyone. They could be reviewed, copied and used by full P123 members. There would be a fee for use (but still visible and transparent) for R2G subs using the "free" site. To be done however anyone wants but probably higher liquidity, lower turnover. E.g., Buffet Inspired, Millenial Money inspired. E.g., "Liquid Magic Formula." "Liquid Piotroski" "Jim's Value Momentum" "Jim's Transparent Dividend Stocks"

I would produce about 20 of these with a $10 a month charge for the free site. I would not be tempted to front run and the occasion stock pick that was the same as my private port would not do anything significant to the liquidity of my private ports.

If we are going to attract R2G customers we will have to think back to when 20% annualized seemed like an impossible dream.
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Requested by: Jrinne
On date: 04/30/15
Category: Portfolio