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Sims currently rebalance on monday of each week - for weekly rebal - reguardless of the start day. To test robustness, I would like to be able to select the rebalance day of the week. I think it would be interesting to run a sim using weekly rebal and compare results for monday rebal , then tuesday rebal, wed rebal, etc. I want to see if the ann and mdd change much. This might help control volatility and mdd for a system of several different portfolios. What is so important about a monday rebalance? Why does everyone want or need to rebalance on monday? This could be a useful tool in controlling an overall system. All the action last week happened after monday.

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Final Comments
This is now available. See the functions Month,MonthDay,WeekDay and RankBars
Requested by: dallen131
On date: 06/11/07
Category: Simulation