A new function for live and simulated portfolios.
The function would include (copy) rules from another port into the current rule set.
It would be most useful if you could also include rules from any of the SA ports in your subscription.
When the new include rule mechanism is used in the buy rules then only the buy rules from the input portfolio
would be used. Same deal for the sell and hedge rules.

The benefits are many:
1. You can control your SA subscription ports because the port is now one of your own. It just uses the
proprietary logic of another member.
2. You can use only the buy or sell rules, don't like the hedge? then leave that out or use your own hedge.
3. SA ports could then be used with the TRADE tool.
4. Avoids port duplication when a model is used for multiple accounts.
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On date: 01/30/17
Category: Portfolio