I would like to see an additional Output option for displaying Ranks for a Ranking system. It would be "Include Level 1 Composite Nodes (only)" or something like that. In essence, it would display ranks only for those Composite Nodes visible in the "Collapse All" display mode.

Here's my motivation. The desirability of being able to quickly see the Rank of a given stock in each of several ranking systems has been mentioned previously. This is easy to do by creating a "Super" Ranking system which has as each of it's top level composite nodes a complete ranking system (use Copy and Paste to get them there). For example, you could have four nodes Balanced4, Fiscal Momentum, IBD and Technamental. Simply give each equal weight. The ranks for the individual systems are then displayed (as well as the "Super Rank). However, the way things are now, you get the rank for each of the composite nodes of each of the systems as well. A very large and messy display. However, if there were only 5 values (in this case) it would be easy to interpret. You could call Buy Sell or Hold quicker than Jim Cramer !!!

I currently download the ranks from my Super system into Excel and delete the superfluous columns. The VLOOKUP function is then used to find the ranks for a given stock. It is a very useful tool for quickly evaluating a stock.

Hope this is clear.



PS Priority of this should be a function of how easily it can be implemented.
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Requested by: linzjonz
On date: 02/02/06
Category: Ranking