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Bool with Ranking value

At the current time a stock factor with a boll returns either a 0 if false or 100 if true. I would like to be able to assign a rank value for Boolean expressions which are true. In other words for all stocks which satisfy X>Y , it would be nice to have a bool rank option which will give a rank value for stocks based on the size of x relative to y for all issues in which X>y.

In order to now one needs to have two separate expressions Stock Factors under a composite node such as:

Composite node X>Y
Z% Stock Factor X>y (Boolean)
Y% Stock Factor X/y (rank)

It might be easier if a function such as this was possible:
Composite node X>Y
Stock Factor X>y (Boolean / rank)

The Boolean 0/100 weight should reamin (as a default) I only suggest for a added rank option than could be switched in if desired. This might help to translate stock screens to ranking systems.
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On date: 07/09/05
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