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There was a good discussion recently regarding hedging. The author based his hedging calculations on the assumption that the beta of his holdings was about 1. It would be nice if P123 had a tool that would calculate the weighted average beta of a portfolio.

Also, build in the flexability to pick which index you want to base the beta calc on. Most of the financial sites seem to base their calcs on the Sp500, but for most P123 users that is not nearly as useful as a calc based on the Russell 2000 or maybe the Midcap 400 since we focus on small caps and would be hedging with puts (or selling calls) on these indexes.

Another addition would be the ability to select the number of days to base the beta calc on. I've seen a few different variations and I'm not sure what the best default value would be.

The best place to add this feature would be in the Holdings section of the Portfolio screen.

This would also be something that should be added to the port-of-ports functionality if that is implemented (ie the ability to see the weighted avg beta of all your holdings across multiple portfolios)....but thats a seperate discussion.
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Requested by: danparquette
On date: 02/27/07
Category: Portfolio